Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Robbi Spencer Brings it in the CuddleMuffin Showdown!!

Its on now baby!!  Robbi definitely brings it!! Watch this amazing video of Robbi Spencer singing Foreigners Girl On The Moon. This video is part of the Cuddlemuffin Showdown! A competition between America's Cutest Couple 2011 that began last month. He Totally rocks it!!! Its hard to say at this point who's got this showdown, they need your votes to determine the winner, so be sure and vote!!

Follow the action on the Blog and be sure to check out America's Cutest Couple!
Shirl does her best to distract her husband Robbi during his video shoot!

Robbi and Shirl are both signed to Progressive Edge Records and operate out of SE Studios.

You can also watch other Robbi Spencer videos on his youtube Channel and you can check out Shirl's youtube channel!!

Brought to you by Secret Enterprise!!

We're happy to report there's no way the staff at SE Studios and Progressive Edge Records is taking sides on this one!!! Everyone is having fun watching this whole thing go down!! (rooting for both sides of course! lol) Good Luck to the Both of you!!