Friday, December 30, 2011

5 Tips On Finding A Manager

If you decide to go down the manager route, the next step is actually FINDING this person. Don’t just hire the first person who says they’re a manager, though. You need to make sure that person is right for you. Here are some things you need to think about when searching for a manager:

1. Make Sure They Are Enthusiastic About Your Music.
When hiring a manager, you want them to really believe in what you do. There’s nothing worse that having a manager that’s just doing it for the money, it’ll only make you feel like they don’t really want to be there. And what will happen if they start working with another act they DO really like? All their focus and attention will go to them, that’s what. Don’t hire anyone that’s not also a fan of your music, it won’t work out well.

2. You Can Find Managers On Online Forums.
One way you can go about finding a manager is by advertising yourself on music forums or in relevant magazines. Forums are often filled with music fanatics and people who already work within the industry. If you have the talent and can give people a reason to want to work with you, you are sure to get some interest.

3. What About Your Friends?
If you don’t want to work with someone completely new, why not get one of your friends to become your manager? You may have a friend that’s just as excited by your music and the music industry as you, but has no musical talent of their own. This may be how they break into the music industry.

While they may need to learn the business side of things themselves (And maybe even take a few courses on their own to speed up this process), it can work out well in the long run.

4. Make Sure You Keep Things Official.
If you decide to hire a friend as your manager, you need to remember that this is now a business arrangement. There should be no more verbal contracts; you need to get every business-related decision down in writing. Keep paperwork, have deadlines, and set goals. If they aren’t pulling their weight and are taking advantage of your friendship, find a new manager.

5. Measure The Success Of Your Manager.
The role of the manager at this stage should be to help move your music forward faster than you could by yourself. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep track of how much impact they are making on your career. Are they getting you more shows? Are they helping out with promotion? Are they chipping in?
You really do want a go-getter as a manager. You shouldn’t always have to tell them what you want doing. They should go out there and help push you forward without being told to do so. After all, the more money you make, the more money they make.

If you don’t see any real results or benefits after a few months of hiring them, you may want to consider getting a new manager. Also, set the the terms for a “trial period,” after which either party can back out with no hard feelings.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

America's Cutest Couple 2011

It is amazing to me that America's Cutest Couple could come out of Northern California of all places, but I guess People Magazine and other media agencies were tired of the same old Hollywood B.S. and were looking for America's "Real" Cutest Couple for 2011. Robbi & Shirl Spencer are both Entertainers on the Progressive Edge Records label.  Robbi, Shirl and several new artists, including Kriss Burgz, Ryan Sweeton, America's Cutest Couple, The Cuddlemuffin Showdown, SE Spirit Chasers, Brant Callahan and more!  The recent news was not surprising considering that long-time record producer Robbi Spencer has had his eye on the prize and will not stop until his professed mission here on earth is complete.  The entire Progressive Edge Records lineup is just stellar, so look for all of that on a website soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Robbi and Shirl now on iTunes!!!!

Progressive Edge Records and Secret Enterprise Productions is proud to announce that Robbi & Shirl's New Hit Single Duet is "Is It True?" is now available on iTunes among many other music retailers! Be sure to get your copy today!!!

Wow!! This Is Amazing!!

Robbi Spencer Voted Person of the Year!

Omg and to think that Time Magazine would stoop this low to vote me "Person of the Year"!!!  Is there such a thing?  "Person of the Year?"  Yes, of course....  but I mean, isn't everyone a person of some year at some point in their lives?  I am both humbled and amused by all this media attention.  It is fun for now....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Robbi & Shirl Spencer's New Hit Single Released Today!!

Progressive Edge Records and Secret Enterprise Productions  just released Robbi and Shirl Spencer's new hit single, "Is It True?" on CD baby today!! Be sure to buy your copy today at CD Baby!

Progressive Edge Records also just released Robbi Spencer's new album on December 3rd called  "Nowhere" so be sure to check it out and Shirl's album "Just Being Me" will be released on 2/13/2012 so keep your eyes peeled. Be sure to check out the Secret Enterprise Blog for more information and visit Secret Enterprise for good music, good times and all round good fun!!