Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robbi Spencer does it again!!!

It is probably no surprise to some that Robbi Spencer gets called "Ozzy" on a daily basis... Being the Lead Vocalist for the Rock Band Secret Enterprise, Robbi is a very gifted Producer and spends most of his time helping children get off drugs and learn respect for one's self and for others and SE Studios is the place where this all happens. Located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in Nevada County, California, SE Studios is a Mecca for the Musically Talented ones that Creator has put on this planet. Many of them find their home at SE Studios, while others feel the loving touch of sweet people or the slap in the face from reality, when they learn that they have absolutely no talent whatsoever! Either way, lives and changed and people do learn the important lessons and that is a wonderful thing. - Richard Connors

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The COP Copter is Ready in Grass Valley California

Dealing with the police on a higher level?  Is that where we are going here peeps?  It drives me crazy that they have the money to buy fancy contraptions for their little Cop Copter!!  I am glad that they are keeping everyone safe from the dope demons, but the weed growers aren't doing a damn thing to anybody and I just wish that law enforcement would leave them alone and let them do their thing.  Nevertheless, they NEVER will, so anyway, here is footage of the COP Copter ready for big jobs in 2012 and meanwhile everybody is just standing around going, "What the @#$&* are WE spending money on this crap for?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are we really living in the END TIMES?

Are we really living in the END TIMES?  I would imagine that we indeed are and though it is exciting to be seeing all of the prophecies fulfilled and everything happen before my eyes as if I was watching a movie or something.  It is coming down to knowing things that I really do NOT want to know, but at the same time, I feel like I have a right to know when something big is going to happen and God always keeps me posted, so to speak....

A lot has been happening at SE STUDIOS lately.  SE Band is working on recording their songs like Here & Gone and Fallen and all those, so be on the look out in the future for a full-length music CD of all of the current SE songs that we play when we perform live.  It will be awesome, I promise you that!  I am working with several new bands that are uber-talented and I am excited about sharing some of their new music with you as well, but for now I need to head off to bed, but I just wanted to pop in and post this video, because I felt that it was relevant to what we are seeing at this very moment.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Old Man Spitface Coming to iTunes!!!!

The OLD MAN SPITFACE CD has been finished since it's original release date of May26th, 2012, but has been held up in the distribution process....  Also, Darin wanted to make some changes in the song order, since he is Co-Producing this album, as is Albert Leon, III, both have been extremely resourceful and helpful through the entire process, so that is nice!  More music and information to come, but for now.... head over to the Official Old Man Spitface website and listen to the new mixes before they hit online retailers!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rock Summer Nights Begins!!!