Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robbi Spencer does it again!!!

It is probably no surprise to some that Robbi Spencer gets called "Ozzy" on a daily basis... Being the Lead Vocalist for the Rock Band Secret Enterprise, Robbi is a very gifted Producer and spends most of his time helping children get off drugs and learn respect for one's self and for others and SE Studios is the place where this all happens. Located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in Nevada County, California, SE Studios is a Mecca for the Musically Talented ones that Creator has put on this planet. Many of them find their home at SE Studios, while others feel the loving touch of sweet people or the slap in the face from reality, when they learn that they have absolutely no talent whatsoever! Either way, lives and changed and people do learn the important lessons and that is a wonderful thing. - Richard Connors

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The COP Copter is Ready in Grass Valley California

Dealing with the police on a higher level?  Is that where we are going here peeps?  It drives me crazy that they have the money to buy fancy contraptions for their little Cop Copter!!  I am glad that they are keeping everyone safe from the dope demons, but the weed growers aren't doing a damn thing to anybody and I just wish that law enforcement would leave them alone and let them do their thing.  Nevertheless, they NEVER will, so anyway, here is footage of the COP Copter ready for big jobs in 2012 and meanwhile everybody is just standing around going, "What the @#$&* are WE spending money on this crap for?