Thursday, September 18, 2014

Robbi Spencer's Newest Album Now available on iTunes!!

Robbi Spencer's Newest Album Now available on iTunes!!

Songs Included on this Album
1  My Destiny
2  Skyward
3  Rejected
4  Falling
5  Fallen
6  You Shine
7  The Warning
8  A Dream Away
9  Hiding from God
10 Hope for Tomorrow
11 Take My Breath Away
12 We Are the Light
13 I've Been Waiting
14 God's Love 

Friday, September 5, 2014

SE Studios Takes First Place!! Best Studio in Town?

Hey SE Studio Peeps!!  We had a pow wow with the label execs from Santa Monica yesterday and we got high marks for managing to not only stay in business, but in actually putting several studios in town out of business. Let me tell you folks, they are dropping like flies! Nothing that we really did to harm them, we are just staying true to God and our art. One studio in town thought they would be funny and steal website work away from me and they are not only out of business now, but yesterday I went into Google Webmaster Tools and physically removed them from Google's search index, meaning you will NEVER find them in a Google search when looking for "recording studios in grass valley". I am just wondering who will attempt to take on the Robman next? I say, "Bring It!", cause I will not be bullied or pushed around by ANYONE, especially people in the music industry and more so, people in my home town. Because of the Lord Jesus Christ, SE Studios is on top where WE belong! Now, your thoughts on Robbi Spencer putting people out of business? P.S. Making people successful and putting people out of business is kind of what I do for a living. Is that wrong?